Budget Fox has a simple pricing model: The more you are (with a single payer), the cheaper it gets.
Feature-wise, all pricing levels are the same.

You can try the app for a month at no cost. If you decide not to use it after that, your account will be locked for a month before being deleted completely.


The perfect plan for any individual to make big plans. Allows you to
  • Create two ledgers
  • Give others fine grained access, be it your partner or your accound
  • All the features

30 USD / year


Educating children in financial matters is an important thing and will decide their fortune and well-being decades later.

  • Separate ledgers (again, upto two) for you and every family member
  • Give your family members access, or don't

42 USD / year


Sparvereine have 170 years of tradition in Germany, basically a group for friends to build up savings for a payout at the end of the year.

Bring a few friends along, chat about the importance to do decent bookkeeping and you get a great discount for everyone.

There's even special features

  • Share the progress on your savings targets
  • Sign up, invite your friends and pay together a lower price

Prices coming soon

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