Keeping track of all your transactions is a great help but only with reports you can get an understanding where things go.

For example the Income Report can be created on daily, weely, monthly and yearly terms to give you a quick overview


The number of people who carry more than one currency is getting less and less, especially in the Euro-zone, but if the need arises so does Budget Fox which allows to you to freely use and currency for your transactions.

Weekly reminders

Your accounting, especially household accounting, is a living thing and it's your task to keep it updated.

We send you a weekly reminder to go through your accounts, cash etc. and compare what expenses or revenues you haven't added yet.

Budget as a couple or family

Budgeting gets more challenging if done with others. Budget Fox allows you to give access to your spouse or children.


There's three major features to cover all the aspects of your budgeting:

Recurring transactions
Wether they are recurring monthly, yearly, or on the 2nd Sunday every quarter; enter the transaction you know will happen and of course you will be reminded about them
An established tool for those monthly variable expenses like groceries. Set yourself a limit and Budget Fox tells you when you hit it
Long-term targets are so much easier to reach if you break them into smaller transactions. Track them over years, Budget Fox will even tell you wether you'll be successful or not.