Budget Fox

household budgeting for couples/families

Budget together to reach your financial goals

Gain control

over your spending.
You will get a weekly reminder to update your budget envelopes. This helps you finding unnecessary spending every week and will save you money in the long run.

Discover potentials

and increase your savings rate.
Once you know where your money goes, we can show you what the next month will look like and how to improve your spending and saving.

Use it on your computer πŸ’» or smartphone πŸ“±

Set targets

for your long-term plans.
A single payment, say for holidays or taxes, will feel gigantic, but we can help you to split it into small gravel.

Living together

requires budgeting together.
Whether it's your spouse or your business partner, you can share access, see who spends money on what.

Multiple ledgers

when you need a little more.
Be it a trip-around-the-world, side-project, or for a small business, Budget Fox gives you a second ledger on top.

Multiple currencies

for the cosmopolitans.
Don't restrict yourself to one currency, we support any currency, crypto-currency or fruit.
Even within a single transaction

Budget Fox is available in packages for a single household, families and groups.

From €25/year
Free trial for a month
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Upcoming features:

If you want to use Excel instead, we also have a Excel template generator for you budget 2022 which you can easily configure. Best of all: It's free.

Note: this app is still early in its development.